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How to Save Money in and Around Your House

Everyone is talking about it lately: sustainability. But how do you save costs in your own household? Here are all sorts of tricks that anyone can follow easily. You will know how to save money every day while also keeping in mind your environment. You can save money in many different ways, a few of which are listed below.

What to do


What is very important in a household, is saving on facilities like water and gas. Saving money on water is one of the easiest things to change in anyone’s household. For example, try to shower a little shorter.


Of course, a lot of money can be saved on groceries as well. Only buy products you really need. For example, only go shopping after eating. If you go shopping while being hungry, you will buy more.


Try to find discounts and compare prices in different shops. That way you will find the cheapest products and save a lot of money. You can put it into savings or spend it on something else.

Did you know?

TIP: If you cook food in water, like for example eggs, this water will stay clean. After cooking the eggs you can save the water and use it for doing the dishes.

how to save money everyday

Another tip is to settle on a certain amount of money to spend before going shopping for groceries. That way, you know that you only buy what you need and you don’t spend too much money.


Of course, the holiday season is a real trap when it comes to saving money. Try to buy gifts throughout the year, so you won’t have to pay too much money at once. If you spend a little money once in a while instead, you will have more money left for yourself during the holiday season.


Save old Christmas cards. Cut off the front and throw away the back someone wrote something on. Paste the front on a folded piece of coloured paper and you made a new Christmas card. You can save money by not buying new cards every year.

Did you know?
TIP: There are water saving water reservoirs. In these reservoirs, water is converted into energy. This way you can save thousands of litres per year.



However, the tips you’ll save the most money with are about your own lifestyle. If you don’t want to change up your lifestyle, it will be (more) difficult to save money. You should especially watch what you earn monthly and take a percentage of that to put into savings for the future. You will need what is left for bills such as rent, your phone subscription and insurance. As soon as you have paid the bills, you can use the remaining money for whatever you like. That way you can still spend money on fun things, but you can also think about the future and save some money for it.

If you follow all these tips in your daily life starting now, before you know it you will have saved money inside as well as outside your household.

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