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The Best Way To Write An Essay

Writing an essay can be a difficult task. Ideally, you would write it in one go, but sometimes it’s hard to keep focussed on your work. The writing of an essay should be seen as a step-by-step plan. Follow the steps and you will need a lot less time, pain and effort to write your essay.

Writing essay

What to do


You don’t write an essay out of nowhere. You got an assignment and a subject to write about, so you’re going to dig into it. You can’t write about a subject without knowledge about it, so you should go gain some knowledge. Delve into the subject and make sure you know everything about it.


First of all, make a layout: kind of an index for what goes where in your essay. That way, you can map out a logical order for the information and know what you want to tell in every paragraph. You won’t have to think about what the content of every paragraph is while you are writing.


The introduction of your essay has to grab attention. Therefore, it’s certainly a good idea to not write it first. You would usually start with your introduction, but in this case it is actually wise to write it last. When you are done, you will know exactly what is in the essay and so what has to be in the introduction to properly introduce readers to the subject matter.


Always make sure there is a bottle of water on the table.


Do you have to write the essay by hand? Make sure you have a comfortable pen, your hand will hurt less quickly.


Paragraph by paragraph.
Finish a paragraph before starting work on a new one. Writing an essay is about revising and revising again. Scrapping sentences and writing new ones. Therefore, try to finish an entire paragraph and then rewrite it before moving on to the next paragraph.


Try not to stress too much. A little bit of pressure can be beneficial to the writing process, but your work will suffer from you having too much stress. Take it easy, take a deep breath, think about something else and then go on working.

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