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How to Save Money on Food

Do you spend a lot of money on food? You can probably not refrain from buying anything but what you need. That bag of crisps, apple pie or that expensive bottle of wine ends up in your shopping cart anyway. And oh well, just for once you can handle it, right? Daily food is and always will be a big expense, but one thing is a fact: you can save on it too. Come on, who would not want to have more money to spend on fun things?


What to do


Shopping list

This may sound really lame and old-fashioned, but it really helps to make a shopping list. The supermarket is set up to make you buy as much as possible. A shopping list can put a limit to that kind of impulsive purchases.


Are your cupboards empty?

Before you go shopping for groceries, check your cupboards. What is still in there? It is a waste to have to throw away food, you paid for it once. This makes you spend an unnecessary amount of money. People waste the most money by having to throw away so much.


Empty stomach

I think everyone knows this tip by now, but just one more time to be sure: never go shopping with an empty stomach. If you are hungry, you will buy a lot more and even worse, a lot less healthy products.


Pay attention to ads

Focus on discounts, this can save you a lot of money, even more so on non-perishable goods like pasta and non-food products like toilet paper. Make sure you are actually going to use the products you buy. Only buy discounted products if you were going to buy them anyway.


House brands

Are A-brand products really more tasty or haven’t you even tried other brands as well? Often, house brands are just as good and tasty as A-brands. At least it’s worth it to try it out once.



You don’t always have to go to the supermarket. For instance, you can also go to the market. Fresh products are often much cheaper there than in a supermarket. On top of that, the quality of vegetables and fruit is often a lot higher. Another alternative is to try going to a cheaper supermarket once. They may have other products than you are used to, but still a broad assortment and the products can be a lot cheaper.


Seasonal products

Some food products are seasonal. Tinned or frozen food often has the same price throughout the year, but for fresh products it differs every season. For example, lettuce is cheaper in summer than in winter.



If you have the room for it, freeze things. For example, meat is pretty expensive. You can buy it when it is discounted and store it in the freezer. It won’t taste any worse.



Make a budget for yourself and do not go over it. It’s easier said than done, but it works in the end. Also, try to go shopping for groceries once a week, so you won’t constantly be tempted to make impulsive purchases.

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