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A Romantic Night Without Spending too Much

A romantic night with your partner can be a lot of fun. You often have hundreds of ideas, of which 99 get shot down because they are not doable, not fun after all or too expensive. That way, a date night won’t come easily. That’s a shame! For a small amount of money, you can experience a lot of romantic evenings together.

Fried Eggplant

What to do

You absolutely don’t have to eat out to have a romantic dinner for two. There are enough products you can use to make great dinner for a friendly price. For example, serve a delicious soup in fancy plates or bowls as an appetizer, go for a tender piece of chicken or a slice of salmon served with fries and fried eggplant as a main course (see the tips below to make it easily) and make your own raspberry mouse as a dessert (you can also read below how to do this). Buy a big pack of candles at a discounter, make the room romantic and dim the lights (or just switch off the lights if you don’t have a dimmer). You can create a romantic atmosphere that way.

Rent a movie or stream one on Netflix and cuddle together on the couch or in bed, and watch it. Don’t forget to bring the candles with you for an instant romantic atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you watch a romantic comedy, an action movie or horror, you are together and that’s what counts.

Next are the recipes. It is not as difficult as it sounds! Frying the eggplant often goes wrong because it will absorb the oil like a sponge and become a squashy mess. With this tip, you can make a delicious crispy fried eggplant. What do you need?

  • A (big) eggplant
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 egg whites
  • Oil or deep frying fat with a high boiling point

1 Cut the eggplant into slices of approximately 1 centimetre, you can leave the peel on.

2 Put the slices on a plate or a bowl, and sprinkle them with salt. Sea salt and cooking salt are both good. Let the slices be for about 30 minutes, until some drops appear on them. The salt makes the eggplant less bitter (big eggplants tend to be bitter).

3 Wash the eggplants carefully and dry them by dabbing.

4 Split the eggs. You won’t need the yolk.

5 Put the slices next to each other and sprinkle with just a touch of pepper and salt (you washed the salt off just now), and spread egg white on both sides.


6 Get a wok and pour a good shot of oil into it. Make sure there is a layer of just under 1 centimetre of oil in the pan.

7 Put 2 or 3 slices into the pan when the oil is at the right temperature. Don’t put in more than 3 slices in there, or the temperature will decrease too much.

8 Deep fry the slices in 2 to 3 minutes to a gold brown colour. Watch out, the oil can spatter!

9 Let the slices leak on a small rack or some kitchen paper. You can eat the slices either hot or cold, so let them cool down or serve them immediately.

Raspberry cream mousse

Of course, dinner is not complete without a dessert. This fresh recipe for homemade raspberry mousse is a delightful finale to your romantic dinner. What do you need for two persons?

  •     125 grams of (frozen) raspberries
  •     200 grams of whipped cream
  •     2 gelatine leafs
  •     Raspberry jam

1 Mash the raspberries (if you use frozen raspberries, let them leak for a while).

2 If you want a firm mousse, the gelatine leafs are recommended. Let the leafs become soft in a bowl of cold water.

3 Heat the mashed raspberries in a pan with two table spoons of jam (the jam makes the mousse a little sweeter).

4 If the gelatine leafs have become soft, you add them to the pan as well. Keep stirring until the leafs melt and mix with the raspberry mash.

5 Whip the cream.

6 Mix the strawberry mash with the whipped cream and serve it in little bowls. Let it jellify in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Do you want the mousse to be a little lighter? Then skip the steps involving the gelatine leafs and mix the mashed raspberries with the whipped cream. You don’t have to heat the mixture. The light mousse also has to jellify for 30 minutes in a fridge.

Set the table and enjoy all the good things you can get for a friendly price.

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