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Kill Two Birds with One Stone on Winter Sports

Are you all set to put your skiing talent to the test? Or do you secretly just go for the apres ski parties? Maybe the following will convince you to go up and down that mountain a couple of times: you can burn a lot of calories by skiing and snowboarding. And who does not want to lose weight and get a killer body before the summer even starts? Winter sports do not have to be too expensive. With the following tips this year can have a trip to the snow in store for you too.

  1. Do you go on a skiing trip often? You might have some usable winter sports equipment left. Is this your first time or is it time to replace your current gear? Buy things that you can keep for multiple years. Don’t buy clothing that is sensitive to the current fashion, try to keep colours and patterns as neutral as possible. Are you not sure winter sports is for you? Rent some clothing. It is a shame to buy an expensive suit just to never use it again. You can make a reservation online before you leave to save money.
  2. Try to avoid the high season if possible. It will cost you up to three times the money going in low season would. Do you not have a choice? Make sure to book well in advance and stay on the lookout for good deals.
  3. There is also a price difference between various skiing areas. Do you really need all the extra facilities? Another area is probably just as much fun. Also think about going to alternative countries such as Germany and Norway. Do not go for the biggest skiing regions, but try to go for the smaller ones. Accommodation, lunch, dinner and ski passes will be much cheaper there.
  4. You can also rent an apartment instead of a hotel. This way, you won’t have to eat out every night. That saves a lot of money. Another idea is to have dinner at a restaurant in the valley. Those are often considerably cheaper than restaurants near the big piste. The same goes for supermarkets.
  5. Are you going on a holiday with several people? Drive to your destination together, rent an apartment and split the costs. That is a lot cheaper than paying for everything on your own.
  6. Are you not stuck to a certain time period? You can try to book last minute. This is also useful if the holiday destination is not 100 percent snow guaranteed. Compare prices at different providers.
  7. Think about how you want to get to your destination. Do you want to go by plane, car, bus, etc.? Weigh the pros and cons of every transportation method against each other. Do you want to get there fast or spend less money?
  8. Book a ski pass in advance, they are often heavily discounted. In a lot of areas, ski passes are free for children.
  9. Do you need a lesson before you go into the mountains? Take one in the skiing region and not in your own country, where the prices are a lot higher.
  10. Invite your ski buddies to your chalet and don’t go out to an apres ski party every night. Give an Dutch party and start your own. At a Dutch party, everyone brings their own drinks.
  11. Is your house empty when you go visit the snow? You can lease your house or swap houses with people from the skiing region you visit. There are multiple websites for this. Read more about leasing your house here.
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