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Delicious Homemade Wine

The making of homemade wine traces back thousands of years ago. It sounds complicated, but it is not. In fact, you can make wine using any type of fruit such as apples, blackberries, and grapes –typically the most popular choice. You only need patience because you have to wait for almost six months before you can actually drink it.

And of course, the right equipment! It is an affordable hobby because you can buy the starter pack for just € 23. Before you start to make a delicious homemade wine, don’t forget to clean your workplace and all utensils as well, otherwise, your wine will turn into vinegar.



Here are the steps that you should follow in making a homemade wine:


Remove stalks from grapes and clean them.


Place the grapes in the bucket, where you can crush and squeeze them. Of course, you need to use your hands.


Pour in the honey. It will affect the sweetness of your wine, so the measurement depends upon you. (Note: Honey also serves as a food for the yeast!)

homemade wine

Place and pack the crushed grapes in a thin towel and further squeeze them until the juice comes out. Get ready to catch the juice in a bowl or a bucket.


Add a teaspoon of salt to foster the fermentation process. Cover the crock and store overnight. (Note: Make sure that fruit flys could not enter the crock!)


After which, the crock should be moved to a hot place. (Note: The fermentation process usually starts after two days! The yeasts are responsible to convert the sugar into alcohol.)


After six weeks, the juice will be calmed and untroubled. This is the time when it can be siphoned into another jar. (Note: Be careful of the dregs in the bottom.)


Place it in a bottle and you’re done! Cheers! You can drink and enjoy your homemade wine! (Tip: If you wish to know how create apple cider, try the same process, but using apples.)


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