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Learn How to Calculate your BMI and Get a Killer Body

It is not difficult to get in shape. Today, many people tend to spend number of hours on workouts because they are insane to get the killer body! But, according to science, short period of intense exercise is actually as effective or even more, than longer workout.

Are you ready to get a healthier and fitter body? Know how to perform the quick total body workout! Burn large amount of fats and get a lower Body Mass Index (BMI)!

But, you should know how to calculate your BMI.

First, what is BMI?

It is a measure of your body fat levels in connection with your height and weight. Typically, adults BMI measures from 18.5 to 24.9 approximately.

If your BMI is not within that range, then may be, you need to perform lots of exercises. You need to achieve a healthier BMI. In that way, you can minimize the risk of obesity-related diseases. And one of the best things to do is to have a high intensity interval training.


What are you waiting for? Here is what you can do!


Warm up
You can have a 5 minute walk or use a jumping rope.


Step 2: Exercise Proper

The Quick Total-Body Workout is divided in two parts:

(Note: This exercise is for the whole body. Each of the movements should be performed properly. This short workout is intense, so go hard as possible!)

Part 1: jumping lunges and spider lunges.

Start with 10 jumping lunges and then 10 spider lunges. Repeat the process eight times.

Rest for two minutes…

Part 2: pushups and walkouts.

Continue with 10 pushups and then 10 walkouts. Repeat the process eight times. (Note: If it’s too much for you, do only four or five pushups per round. Or perform only what you can manage!)

Tip: Now, it is easier to know your BMI, just download FreeBMI. Try it now!

quick workout

Step 3: Cool Down

Exercising this quick total body work-out at least three times per week will make you healthy and of course, you can get a killer body! Know how to calculate your BMI so that you will be updated with your progress. Good luck and never give up!

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