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Knitting is cool: Learn how to knit

Knitting is a great activity that people often neglect, thinking of it as something only old people would be interested in. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can knitting be a fulfilling practice, it can also be a money-saving one, and we can never have enough of that. So for all you knitting beginners, here are some tips on how to knit to get you started.

Knitting hands

What to do


Start with a scarf as it is the least complex. Depending on the design, you could just have a straight strip of knitted cloth and you’re done. You can then choose more complicated patterns as you become more proficient, eventually allowing you to knit some amazingly intricate and stylish images on your scarf that you can show off to your friends. For beginners however, using the garter stitch is highly recommended for better control.


Choose the smoothest, most ordinary wool yarn that you can find for the same reason you started with a scarf. Yarns that have special textures, colors and patterns require more practice.


When you’ve finally found the right yarn, it’s time to choose the right needle. This should be easy since the yarn would usually come with a recommended needles size indicated by a number underneath an icon of two crossed needles. Stay away from 5mm or US size 8 needles since knitting will take forever if you use them. We recommend US size 10 & ½ or 6.5mm needles instead.

Did you know?

Knitting provides the same health benefits as meditating with the added bonus of improving your motor functions. It’s a great way for pregnant mothers to relieve stress and make one-of-a-kind hats or sweaters for their babies at the same time!

Tegan for baby

Now that you have your yarn and needles, it’s time to choose a cast-on. Long tail cast-on, cable cast-on and knitting on are the popular choices. Long tail cast-on can be challenging initially but produce neat results. Knitting on and cable cast-on are ideal for including buttons, so consider experimenting with both for sweaters when you’re just learning how to knit.


Once you’ve chosen your cast-on, it’s time to get knitting. Start with making a slip knot by pulling 4 inches of yarn from the ball (this is called a tail).

Flip the tail over the yarn coming from the ball to create a loop with the tail on top. Pull the tail over and behind the loop so that it crosses the center before slightly pulling the tail through it. You then put your needle through the top loop that was just created and then pull it so that it tightens up. You just did a slip knot.


Close up of knitted pink yarn

Congratulations! You have just taken your first step in learning how to knit. You still have a long way to go, but if you were able to do the slip knot without a problem, the rest should be easy too.

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