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How to Start a Blog in 1 day

This guide will explain how to start a blog today. There are enough sites that let you start your own (free) blog. Choose a nice design and a title, and you created a blog. A lot of people really think it’s that simple. When you have a website, the blog will get there on its own, right? That’s definitely not true, because the hardest part of it all is the blogging itself. Coming up with subjects and writing the posts. Starting a blog is not that hard.

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First of all, think about what you want to blog about. Is there a certain subject you want to write about? Are you a foodie or in love with sports? Are you going to write about current affairs or do you want to review books and movies? It’s important to have that clear for yourself in advance. That way you easily single out subjects, because you can blog about anything.


After that, ask yourself why you want to blog. Do you want to teach people something or do you want to voice your opinion on something? Maybe you just want to talk about what happens in your life. It’s still important here to really make a choice and to not bite off more than you can chew.


Think about how often you want to blog. Sometimes it’s hard to be disciplined and to keep working. This is where a lot of bloggers stumble when they start out. Make a deal with yourself to write a blog once or twice per week, every two weeks or once a month. That is easier to keep up with, and keeps you from posting five days in a row and then not posting anything for weeks.


Now it’s time to think about a name. Think of a name that is relevant to what you are going to write about, one that is catchy, original and fun. Your name is often the first thing readers see and is in the URL of your blog most of the time, so think about this carefully!

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When you have chosen a name, you can choose what blogging service you are going to use. Some of the most well-known, free services:    

Tumblr.com: Tumblr is a very diverse blogging platform. You can start a photo blog, a video blog or a text blog here.

WordPress.com: WordPress is also a very popular option, that is also used by a lot of big companies. The site is very simple and the most important options are accessible for free. All extras can be used for €15 a year, which is not a lot of money for your own site.

Blogger.com: Blogger is Google’s blogging platform and is very easy to use. The site is free and works with blogpost.com domains. If you pay €10 a year you can, like with WordPress, register your own domain.

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Now it’s time to write!

Writing tips

  • Think of a subject that fits the theme you chose.
  • Think of a catchy title. The title is what draws people to your article, so always try to make it interesting and attractive.
  • Write the blog. The fun thing about a blog is that you can write anything you want. You don’t have to take censorship and formalities into account. Do you want to use informal language or do you swear sometimes? On your own blog that’s not a problem at all. You are completely free.
  • Make sure your blog looks beautiful. Use paragraphs and white space,     because no one likes a long uninterrupted text. A picture is always good too.
  • Checking your spelling is important. Even though you can write in an informal way, spelling mistakes are a real no-go. Always proofread your texts before you post them.

Keep up the good work

When you have posted the blog you can share it. A lot of blogging platforms have an automatic sharing feature for Twitter or Facebook, but if not there is always a possibility to share at the bottom of the page.

That’s it! You have written your own blog. Read through all the steps another time and be sure to keep yourself to the third point. To keep blogging is often more difficult than starting out. It would be a shame if you would call it quits after a month. Now at least you know how to start a blog, so you can always start again.

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