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Grow your own delicious, fresh herbs

There they are; a row of pots with beautiful, fresh, green herbs. Nothing is more delightful than walking into your own garden and seeing and smelling some fresh rosemary, mint, parsley, oregano and other herbs? Of course it’s not only pretty, herbs are also very tasty. Who doesn’t use some of them when cooking? It can enhance the taste of a meal considerably. Herbs from your own garden are a lot tastier than the ones you can buy in the supermarket, and they are very easy to grow. But how do you grow them?


What to do?

Most people grow their herbs on a windowsill at home, but herbs are supposed to grow outside. Inside the house, plants become really weak and attract fruit flies. To start growing herbs, a regular flower pot with a few skewers and a small transparent plastic bag work miraculously well. Put some potting soil in the pot in advance, along with the seeds. Herbs need a lot of sun and not too much water. The taste and smell are best when you don’t let the herbs grow too high. A few other rules of thumb are:

  • Pick the herbs when the weather is warm and dry.
  • Never pick more than half the plant, that way it will regrow the fastest.
  • Let the herbs dry completely. Completely!
  • When the herbs are dry, put them in a well-sealed jar.
  • If you can see some condensation in the jar, you can just throw away the herbs. You didn’t let the herbs dry well enough.
  • The herbs can be kept for a maximum of six months in the sealed container. 


Mint is very easy to grow. You can use any pot you like and it grows quickly. Put this plant in a sunny spot for the best flavour. The herb can handle both heat and cold.


This one is easy to grow as well. Actually, all herbs are pretty easy to grow. Just don’t put the oregano in soil. It grows into everything and anything. Don’t let the herb grow too high or it will lose its flavour. Draining it and watering it every day are a must as well.

Grow the herbs in big containers and pots, and don’t put them on the ground. That way, you keep animals and pets from reaching them, and you prevent weeds from ruining your herbs.


Dill likes heat and is easy to keep up, but don’t place it somewhere too breezy. Water the plant regularly.


For the best results, let your basil grow in a pot with ¾ potting soil and ¼ grit. Always remove the flowers as soon as they grow, because they will cause the herb to lose its taste. It is also important to water the plant regularly.


Coriander is pretty low maintenance. Just grow it in a quiet and sunny spot and water it every once in a while.


Put 70% potting soil and 30% grit in a pot or container. Don’t water the rosemary too often. You can also add some more grit for a stronger flavour.


This one needs the same as basil; ¾ potting soil and ¼ grit. Sage can handle drought and heat well and it even gets more tasty because of it.


Thyme is basically indestructible. This plant can handle drought and heat well, but cold and wet days are good too.


Go to the supermarket and bring a parsley plant. Plant it in a pot or container with potting soil and it will supply you with parsley all year long. Water the plant regularly. Let a part of the plant flower, and put the seeds in the pot. Et voila, next year you’ll have a brand new plant.


Now you know how to grow your own herbs in a very simple way. Good luck!

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